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    Blackberry number formatting problems

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      I'm facing number formatting problems in Blackberry :


      562300000.0 becomes 5.623E8 or even 5.0

      562305000.0 becomes 5.62305E8

      90000000.0 becomes 9.0E7 or even 9.0

      100000000.0 becomes 1.0E8

      416100000.0 becomes 14.0

      56100000.0 becomes 5.61E7


      Rhodes version : 3.3.2


      Sample Controller Ruby Code :


      @ecost= case @project.estimated_cost.to_s

          when "0"

            'No data'





      Corresponding View Code:



            <td class="recordLabel">Estimated Cost</td>

            <td class="recordValue"><%= @ecost %></td>



      The above numbers display correctly in WM, Android. However, I'd prefer 2 decimal places instead of just 1 after the dot, i.e., 562300000.00 instead of 562300000.0


      Would be grateful for suggestions.