Application Migration to MC2180

I am working on a contract for a company to move an application that they have over to the MC2180 running WIN CE 6.0.  This application has been ported to many WIN CE and Windows Mobile platforms from CE 4.20 to Window Mobile 6.1 without many problems.  I have gotten the Windows CE Platform SDK v2.0 for MC2100c60 package from Motorola and installed it with my Visual Studio 2005 developement environment.  I am able to build the application, but have been unable to get the .exe on the mobile device to launch.  I do not receive any error messages or pop-ups.  The mobile device does nothing.  I have been able to build a test application in this enviornment that displays a dialog.


Are there any specific things with this SDK that I would need to be aware of?


Any assistance or guidance is appreciated