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    Push notification in Android

      Hi All,

      We are implementing the push notification to the app using Rhodes 4.0. But notification is not displaying in the background. We used below code to get notify on statusbar:



      And we are able to get notification as alerts using code: Rho::Notification.showPopup


      As per the api document from Motorola site (http://docs.rhomobile.com/api/push), we followed the settings as mentioned below:

      1. Build.yml :


        android_title: 0

        version: "2.2"


          notifications: "background"

          sender: 123123123123




      And from the API document we found to set “User notify mode”. And to configure we used “Rho.Notification” in controller.rb file. Please let us know how to configure this in the app.

      Please help me

      Thanks in advance