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    OSD locked

    Roger Whitehead

      The OSD is locked all of the time, even when the user has admin privileges, and there is no setting to unlock it.  Will this change?


      Our app (being ported from the ET1 and MC40) uses the menu key to access preferences.  If the OSD were locked for guests and unlocked for admin and employee, this would be perfect.  As it is now, the preferences can't be reached at all and an alternative access method would need to be coded for the Concierge.

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          OSD is locked at factory, and there is no plan currently to open it up for programmatic access in employee or admin mode to trigger hidden functions.

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            Hi Roger,


            The OSD lockout is with respect to the monitor display controls, not anything to do with Android. As Vinay mentioned, they are locked at the factory to prevent any unintentional misconfiguration (or power off) of the display.


            The menu button available in Gingerbread and earlier versions of Android is still supported on Concierge. Concierge (like many post-Honeycomb Android devices) provides all on-screen navigation / controls. The old-style menu button will appear in the navigation bar when an Activity is launched that depends on it.


            In general, we recommend the use of the Android ActionBar API native to JellyBean. Or if backwards compatibility with Gingerbread is required, we recommend using compatibility libraries like ActionBarSherlock or the Android Support Library (recently updated to include ActionBar compatibility).