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    VerifyPeerCertificate RhoElements 4

    Remco van 't Land

      Hi guys,


      One of our clients is using a self-signed certificate which on other browsers comes up with the warning and the question if the user wants to continue. Rho can't seem to parse the page and goes to the badlink.html instead.


      In Rho 2.2 this was solvable by adding the "VerifyPeerCertificate" option in the config.xml under <Configuration><Applications><Application><Navigation> like: <VerifyPeerCertificate value="0"/>.


      However, under Rho 4 this doesn't seem to work anymore. A page with a signed certificate like https://www.google.com does work without any problems.


      Is there a new key/value combination for Rho 4, or am I missing something else?


      Thanks in advance,