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    HttpServer Can not send response data: 10054

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      I'm trying to retrieve JSON data from a .NET WCF Service thru AsyncHTTP.


      However, it looks like there's some problem with the data, as when I browse the service thru Chrome, Chrome says that the page with the JSON is in Romanian, and offers to translate it. Is that an indication of something gone wrong? I try to view page source, to see whether there are any characters besides the JSON (like HTML tags), but there doesn't seem to be any.


      I suspected that the JSON might not be in utf-8 format, so I inserted in my Rhodes app, the specification charset like :


      response7=Rho::AsyncHttp.get(:url => Rho::RhoConfig.RESTFUL_URL + "GetApprovalsForProject/" +id,

               :headers => {"Content-Type" => "application/json", "charset"=>"utf-8"})


      But this introduced more problems as I get HttpServer Can not send response data: 10054 in the app device log (WM)


      I strongly suspect its something to do with the data (which is in a SQL Server backend), because Chrome offers (or does not offer) to translate.depending on the value of id above (boldfaced) that's being passed to the URL.


      Any one here faced this kind of problem before?