2.1 Patch 3 Now Available

You can download Patch 3 from Compass here: http://compass.mot-solutions.com/go/468917504

This patch includes additional bug fixes including:

- Fixed bug affecting assignment of tasks to single-task users where ranking is disabled and assigned to a group, the single-task users do not get assigned ANY new tasks even if they are not currently working on a task.

- Fixed a bug where single task users of a group get an expiration notification for tasks which they never received. This fix also addresses the incorrect assignment in the task history.

- Fixed a dead-lock exception when applying ranking from the Scheduling Service when SQL DB is used.

See Patch 3 Release Notes and Installation Guide at the link above for more details.

Andrew Knight
Also, this patch is a

Also, this patch is a cumulative patch including features & fixes from the previous two patch releases.

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