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    Rhoconnect push problem: no device parameters

    Federico Giardina



      we are trying to perform a push notification from Rhoconnect to an android app.

      Rhoconnect is installed in a CentOS and it communicates to our backend with SOAP messages through web service.

      For setting up the application we have modified the rhoconnect-push inside the samples folder following the webinar guide.

      We do the following step:

      - Start Rhoconnect

      - rhoconnect-push

      - install the rhoconnect-push-service.apk

      - install rhoconnect-push.apk


      When we do the login, the server accept our string and we see the user in the rhoconnect console, but we have only four fields associated (rho__id, user_id, last_sync,app_id).@

      From the app, opening the log, we have noticed the following errors:

      - ClientRegister|Device PUSH pin is empty, do register later

      - ANSBroadcastReceiver|Rhoconnect-push registration error:SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE

      - APP|Params:{"__rho_object"=>{"__rho_inline"=>"0"},"rho_callback"=>"1","error"=>"SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE"}


      Where we can watch for detect the error, where is the wrong setting?

      Thanks, best regards,