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    my Template not processing

    Peter Arcuri

      I've created a simple template; barcode, address and signature. Saved and downloaded to the device, copied to specific area and launched DPXtest (downloaded from Compass). I was able to locate and load my template fine, but wouldn't process. I have attached my template and image for feedback.


      I noticed the template outline of the fields didn't super impose on my image. I suppose I've have done something incorrectly when building the template.

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          Hi Peter,


          From what you attached, it seems like part of the template is missing. Which browser did you use Template Builder on in order to create this template? Can you also confirm that you did not modify the template in any way?


          Regardless, I am in the process of creating a template that can recognize the form that you attached. I will make this available to you as soon as possible.




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            Anu Kannan


            After considerable investigation we found it to be a limitation in our software with decoding 2d barcodes from very large images [3MP].

            The corresponding team is working on this and is finding better results. However the proper fix would be made available outside the timeline of the Alpha. We'll keep you posted with the updated software when it's ready nonetheless so you can try it out if you have the bandwidth.


            Thanks for sharing your form. Helps us ensure your form is supported by the time we officially release.