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    rack/utils and logger required by gems

      hi everyone. I'm a novice Ruby on Rails developer and i want to make a cross-platform native app.


      I'm trying to get a gem working. That gem is Savon -> http://savonrb.com/


      savon has about 6 dependencies so i'm trying to get it all squared away. There are two pieces that are native ruby code but don't seem to be included with rhomobile's ruby version.


      logger - Class: Logger (Ruby 1.9.3)

      rack/utils - Module: Rack::Utils


      i tried adding them to the extensions on build.yml but its not working.


        - net-http

        - thread

        - timeout

        - uri

        - digest

        - digest-md5

        - digest-sha1

        - logger

        - openssl

        - openssl.so

        - rack/utils

        - akami

        - builder

        - gyoku

        - httpi

        - nokogiri

        - nori

        - savon

        - wasabi



      can anyone give me some headway on how to get these two pieces working?


      also, any idea when Ruby 2.0.0 will be supported?