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    Is there documentation for the Concierge Browser?

      We are trying to migrate our mobile retail applications to the Concierge and having lots of troubles including rendering issues with dynamic drawing of divs and the ability to use the scanner.


      Is this type of application supported on the Concierge Browser or do we need to develop a RhoMobile or PhoneGap application to work on this platform?


      Also is there any documentation available for the Concierge Browser?





        • Re: Is there documentation for the Concierge Browser?

          Hi John,


          Concierge Browser documentation is in development and will be found here on Launchpad soon. That said, here are some bullet point answers to your questions:


          • Dynamic / HTML5 applications are definitely supported within the Concierge Browser. The browser is a variant of Android Firefox (v25 within the 1.1.0 Concierge platform), using the same rending engine, javascript, etc. As such, all online documentation for developing and debugging web applications in Firefox are applicable within the Concierge Browser.

          • Integrating with the scanner can be done in a couple ways:
            1. Develop a native app around Android WebView and use the documentation in Integrating with the barcode scanner to pass scan events into the web app (e.g., via JavaScript object binding).

            2. Write a native app that receives the barcode scan Intent from the platform (again, see Integrating with the barcode scanner) and then embeds the scan data into a URL that is then sent to the Concierge Browser (e.g., http://myapp.com/productlookup.html?upc=<scan data>).


          I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions or comments.



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