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    Rhoconnect license problem

    Alexey Mironov


      I have rhoconnect sync server on CentOS and one mobile device for testing (Motorola MC 3110 WIN CE). Sync server have 10 license. I just testing sync proc and so wase good. After reset mobile DB and client -



      catch error message -


      WARNING: Maximum # of devices exceeded for this license.


      and after that I cannot login to sync server... I decide this problem by resetting server, use web console (http://my_syncserver_ip/console/).

      My question - why it happen (it is not often)? I have only one mobile device (server clients) with one ip. My login code:


      if !(SyncEngine::logged_in > 0)
         SyncEngine.login("1", "1", (url_for :action => :login_callback) )   


      It is rhoconnect license use bug? I use Rhoconnect 3 version.

        • Re: Rhoconnect license problem

          This is the expected behavior if you're resetting the client database with these apis. The client's cached license info will be removed as well:


          Rhomobile | Rhom Ruby API (see database_full_reset method)


          You can either call it with the args (true,false) so client_info table isn't reset, or use less-destructive methods in the api to reset what you need.  The important things to remember here:


          1) rhoconnect licensing is based on unique application device installations, NOT device hardware

          2) you have client APIs that can effectively "factory reset" the application installation, so they need to be used with that in mind

          3) the RhoConnect server would treat any device accessing it after `Rhom.database_full_reset(true,true)` as a brand new device, and a new license will be used

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