TC55 custom template not available + some issues

Hi All,



I've TC55 with full package update installed. Device is 100% fresh and has nothing extra except for DPX software.

I was not able to execute custom template that was exported from Template builder.

It looks like the app cant see the SD card. The screen is empty yet the card is visible and accessible in FT mode

I'm quite confident that this is not a template issue rather than app issue anyway I've attached template origin and the template itself



The app hangs the device with 70% chance when you attempt to scan for the second time and is not activating the OSD template.



Accessing custom templates at server make the device reboot itself (20% chance)



It there anything that can be done to support Cyrillic OCR? Most of the char set for Cyrillic looks the same yet we have some specific chars that are need to be defined.


Any ideas/comments?