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    RhoMobile javascript project

    Andraž Stošić



      with the release of Rhosuite 4.0, Mobile API is aligned to use javascript or ruby for building native/hybrid apps. One thing that bothers me is when I start new project in rhostudio (or rake task in cmd) it feels pretty much doing things the ruby way (folder structure, some ruby files included, etc.). Choosing javascript as language of choice isn't quite natural and doesn't fit quite well in default folder/file structure. I know it's probably hard to create universal scaffolding for javascript type of project since there are many Javascript MVC frameworks around but I still think some work can be done making things more clear for beginners. For example: Is app folder and all .rb files needed when choosing javascript for development?

      I would like to know what is your opinion about this and maybe if there are any future plans for distinguish the languages more.

      Thanks for your answer. Regards.