2.1 Task Performance Numbers Highlighted

I continue to get many questions about this so I wanted to highlight an earlier question regarding MWM 2.1 performance estimates asked in a previous post. These numbers are based on scalability testing performed by our testing team and pertains to the 2.1 release including all incremental patches.

  • Is there a limitation on the number of concurrent sessions accessing MWM ? at what point would you recommend switching to separately hosted MWM servers ?
    1. 1.       For 2.1 Release in Aug the max supported per MWM server instance is estimated at 50 stores, 50 users per store, 20 Tasks/Msgs per user in an 8 hour workday. (Assuming not more than 8-10 users  per task ) These numbers are estimated performance values and may vary in specific network environments. This will be increased in future versions after additional performance calculations are performed. Also, there is no set limit to number of concurrent admin console sessions (within reason) and likely depends on the server hardware capabilities.