Discussion Sample Template "ToF"

Hello Team,


I created a sample template which I like to discuss.

The template contain:

3 * Markers

2 * 1D Barcodes

1 * 2D Barcode

1 * Signature

4 * Checkpoints

OCD of a Receiver Adress

OCR of a 4 digit number


I ran into various issues which I like to descripe:


1. Not all items are decoded
Only one 1D Barcode (Country information) "DE"

The Sendung Barcode will not decode

The 2D Barcode will not decode


2. In lot of cases the signature field is not captured (50 percent)


3. The Adress isnformation does contain a mutated vowel "ö". (Flörsbachtal) this will be not translated.


4. I created the label first using full A4 format. Decoding this label was very difficult. So for me it looks like that we run into limitations as soon as the label will get to big.


Please see sample label below, I will attache the .xml file (ToF Custom S.xml) and .jpg file.


Kind regards



ToF Custom Label S.jpg

  ToF ScreenShot.jpg