RFS6000 with MC9590 and WT4090

We have 2 RFS6000 version MIB=01a.

Reduncy and layer 3 Mobility on


We use MC9590, WT4090 and MC9060.   MC9060 works fine, but MC9590 and WT4090 sometimes lost connection and can’t connect to Wi-Fi. They starts work after 12-24 hours or reboot RFS6000.


When APs are not on only one RFS6000, and has been parted between two.  In logs we have some database conflict. And only restart RFS6000 can help with that.


We try to turn off Fast Roaming, database conflicts go away, but other problems stay.


Authentication with WPA2-personal/TKIP


Log WG4090


Log Initialized

Radio type: Photon.

Binding Adapter

Match Country with AP mode is off.

Country code is set to: TW.

Country code acqured:TW.

Using profile wms-o.

Setting SSID: wms-o.

State: Unauthenticated.


Connection Timeout

Country code acqured: TW

Using profile wms-o

Setting SSID wms-o

Connection Timeout.

State: Stoped

Using profile Motorola Wireless Out of Box Magic