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    Multiple problems with WP Build

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      My app runs fine on Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Win32 (PC). It also builds and generates the XAP file for WP.  The XAP installs fine on Emulator and device.


      However, certain wiered things are happening, some of which are :


      1. The AsyncHTTP call doesn't go thru successfully. The HTTP Error returned is -1 even though the emulator/device is connected thru WiFi and the webservice which feeds the data is running.

      2. Links for SMS, Telephone, Email dont work at all. Tapping on them doesnt evoke any response.

      3. Cannot view the log. Tapping on View Log doesnt do anythin (So unfortunate, I cannot show the log here)

      4. Reset database gives some errors

      5. Seeding data from text files included with the app doesnt work.


      All the above are functioning in Android, BB, WM, Win32.


      Referring to the docs, I cant see anything special that needs to be done for WP, and since my app runs fine on the other platforms, I'm dumbfounded.


      Where should I start to look?