Template processing problems

I have similar issues to the most recent post.

I have created a simple template for the DS3508 box details.  When I  try to test it, the template is recognised (text goes green) but it will not process - I do not hear the same clicking sound as when I  use the canned demo. I have attached my image and XML file.


Prior to that I jumped straight in and tried to create a more complex template for a driving licence.  Despite trying to make it simple, I  cannot even get it to be recognised. Note there is no barcode on the drivers licence. Iniitially I tried some complex OCR validation but now it is just looking for boxes.  I have also attached this for your comment.


Another point is that at one stage the DPXtest appeared to keep crashing as soon as I tried to test my template.  After I  reset the MC55 it would then be OK.


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