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    Template processing problems

      I have similar issues to the most recent post.

      I have created a simple template for the DS3508 box details.  When I  try to test it, the template is recognised (text goes green) but it will not process - I do not hear the same clicking sound as when I  use the canned demo. I have attached my image and XML file.


      Prior to that I jumped straight in and tried to create a more complex template for a driving licence.  Despite trying to make it simple, I  cannot even get it to be recognised. Note there is no barcode on the drivers licence. Iniitially I tried some complex OCR validation but now it is just looking for boxes.  I have also attached this for your comment.


      Another point is that at one stage the DPXtest appeared to keep crashing as soon as I tried to test my template.  After I  reset the MC55 it would then be OK.


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          Hi Neville,


          Regarding the DS3508 box, I have examined the template that you created, and it appears as if you did not make each barcode "unique". There is a current bug that prevents templates with non-unique barcode regions from being processed, but even once this is fixed, this is probably not your intended behavior. To make a barcode unique, you can characterize it using one or more of three properties (symbology, starts with/contains characters, barcode length). In your case, this box is an excellent candidate for using the starts with/contains property, as most barcodes on that box start with a distinguishing character(s) (e.g. 1P, 2P, S, D). As for the country code, this is always two characters, so you can check for a barcode length of 2. We have actually created a template for this form (although a more complicated version, but it works, nevertheless), attached for you to try out.


          Regarding the Driver's License template, again, we do not recommend posting images containing sensitive information, as this is a somewhat public forum. If you would like for us to examine the image, please contact me directly, as opposed to attaching an image to a post with sensitive information. To start off, I would recommend using only two test regions, as adding more adds to the complexity of the tests. This is useful when you would like to debug whether certain regions are good candidates to identify the form with. It seems like you defined three of these regions; I cannot tell right away whether or not these are good regions to use, but based on the image, I would use the blue banner on top and the logo on the bottom right corner. Let me know if you have any luck with this.


          As for the crash, can you provide us with more information as to where it crashed (when opening, when scanning, when viewing results, etc.)?




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            Thanks Lawrence, but I was rather asking Neville if his "crash" was the same I had .

            Sorry I did not specify the "recipient" .

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              Anu Kannan


              Any update from your end following Lawrence's response ? Are you still facing any issues with the DS box ?