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    Oracle relationship

    John Thurmes

      Does Motorola have a relationship with Oracle that could assist in setting up a test environment to resolve a issue we're seeing with the webkit in Rho regarding RFC 5746?


      SSO is part of Oracle AS 10.2.1, platform is Solaris.


      Oracle Http Server (OHS) – based on Apache Version uses mod_ossl, mod_ssl is not supported.


      mod_ossl directives currently configured:


      SSLPassPhraseDialog builtin

      SSLSessionCache shmcb:/opt/app/oracle/product/Infra/Apache/Apache/logs/ssl_scache(512000)

      SSLSessionCacheTimeout 300

      SSLMutex file:/opt/app/oracle/product/Infra/Apache/Apache/logs/ssl_mutex

      SSLLog /opt/app/oracle/product/Infra/Apache/Apache/logs/ssl_engine_log

      SSLLogLevel warn

      SSLEngine on

      SSLProtocol -ALL +SSLv3 +TLSv1


      SSLWallet file:/opt/app/oracle/product/Infra/WALLETS