Suggestion: difference between tapping screen and pressing scan button

As I commented on another post, there is a strange behaviour when pressing scan button after document has been detected but is not any more on the viewfinder. That led me to think about how, in my humble opinion, both tapping and pressing should behave.


  • Template is selected and "PLACE DOCUMENT FOR SCANNING" is shown on the screen, but document is not aimed yet.


    • Case a) If in this moment scan button is pressed, "Processing" box shows, but no decode is performed when document is now aimed, despite template layout is sometimes displayed (which means that document has been detected). All one can do is aborting, because this box will never disappear. Important: Viewfinder does update its content while processing.


    • Case b) If document is aimed, "TAP SCREEN TO SCAN" is displayed in green.
      • b-1) If screen is tapped, document gets decoded. That's fine!
      • b-2) If scan button is pressed, "Processing" box shows (also clicking), but only for the time set on Advanced Settings->Processing. Important: Viewfinder does NOT update its content while processing.


So, my suggestions are:


  1. Once document is detected, scan button should be disabled. Only tapping should be allowed.
  2. If document is not detected yet and scan button is pressed, the rest of the process should be automatic (i.e, once detected, it should be decoded without any human action). This way, tapping behaves in a "manual" way, while pressing does in an "automatic" one.
  3. Under detection, layout display lines are black. Hard to see. Better green, contrast is better.
  4. Also, detection should provide some kind of feedback. Better than sound, I'd go for vibration (so remaining steady is more ergonomic).


I hope this helps