v25 first tests

I have -so far- found three things:


First, on Template Builder -which is more related with aestethics, I do not really see the point of having this:


On top of the screen. It removes space for template to be displayed, and I do not really see the advantage of it. Actually, it does not fully work, Field name is not updated at all. I would rather use two "arrows" on top Tool Bar to move from field to field, something like this (arrows borrowed from Outlook ):



Second, on "Save as" option, TB does not prompt for the name to save the file with. I figured out that the way is right-clicking on the box, creating a new text file, rename to the new name, select ir and then click on save. I can't say this is friendly!!


Third, far more important, on DPXTest. It freezes when decoding. This time it is not a blank screen, it is a classical lockup, and eventually Android asks to abort the app, after pressing Back button (DPXDemo is not responding. Do you want to close it? Wait/OK).


I first had it in four out of seven tests with HP.xml Template (pls find attached). After it became systematic, it always happened. It sometimes beeped (decode?), sometimes did not.

Important: in my last test, I tried to reset but I was not able to (power button was irresponsive) the unit while locked. And once I tried resetting, Back button did not work either. So... all I could do... was removing the battery .


However, testing Tourline.xml (pls find attached) never locked... but instead killed DPXTest when doing a Rescan (once "properly" decoded, more or less).

Important and good news: V25 does properly OCR-detect the Spanish ñ !!

Main difference between both templates is that HP.xml does use grouping and Tourline.xml does not.

Also, documents have different size: HP sheet is DIN A4, while Tourline is 21 cm x 10.3 cm. That only implies that Tourline's is easier to read than HP's, yet...

So I created a copy of Tourline template (pls find attached as Tourline_2.xml), this time with Groups. And, guess what...

It freezed too!!

So I guess grouping is not working well.

Unfortunatelly I can't test any longer untill January. I will be two weeks on Xmas vacation.

So I wish you all Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!!