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    v25 first tests

      I have -so far- found three things:


      First, on Template Builder -which is more related with aestethics, I do not really see the point of having this:


      On top of the screen. It removes space for template to be displayed, and I do not really see the advantage of it. Actually, it does not fully work, Field name is not updated at all. I would rather use two "arrows" on top Tool Bar to move from field to field, something like this (arrows borrowed from Outlook ):



      Second, on "Save as" option, TB does not prompt for the name to save the file with. I figured out that the way is right-clicking on the box, creating a new text file, rename to the new name, select ir and then click on save. I can't say this is friendly!!


      Third, far more important, on DPXTest. It freezes when decoding. This time it is not a blank screen, it is a classical lockup, and eventually Android asks to abort the app, after pressing Back button (DPXDemo is not responding. Do you want to close it? Wait/OK).


      I first had it in four out of seven tests with HP.xml Template (pls find attached). After it became systematic, it always happened. It sometimes beeped (decode?), sometimes did not.

      Important: in my last test, I tried to reset but I was not able to (power button was irresponsive) the unit while locked. And once I tried resetting, Back button did not work either. So... all I could do... was removing the battery .


      However, testing Tourline.xml (pls find attached) never locked... but instead killed DPXTest when doing a Rescan (once "properly" decoded, more or less).

      Important and good news: V25 does properly OCR-detect the Spanish ñ !!

      Main difference between both templates is that HP.xml does use grouping and Tourline.xml does not.

      Also, documents have different size: HP sheet is DIN A4, while Tourline is 21 cm x 10.3 cm. That only implies that Tourline's is easier to read than HP's, yet...

      So I created a copy of Tourline template (pls find attached as Tourline_2.xml), this time with Groups. And, guess what...

      It freezed too!!

      So I guess grouping is not working well.

      Unfortunatelly I can't test any longer untill January. I will be two weeks on Xmas vacation.

      So I wish you all Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!!

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          Anu Kannan


          Could you please share a screenshot of where you see the "Document Preview" box ? I don't think the image you've posted is on our spec sheet, so quite curious here.


          Point noted on the "Save as" comment. Will add this to our to-do list. The arrow marks are a good tip if you think users might navigate the fields to verify/tweak the fields while creating the templates.


          Thanks for the grouping finding. will look into it and revert.




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            Hi Juan-Antonio,


            Thank you for your detailed descriptions of the issues you are facing. If it doesn't contain sensitive information, could you send over the HP form, as I do not believe I have this form on me to debug with. However, there is a chance that the issues overlap with the Tourline_2.xml form, as described below.


            Regarding Tourline.xml with no grouped regions, we have confirmed this crash and will forward the crash details to the correct team to be addressed.


            Regarding Tourline_2.xml with grouped regions, this was actually an excellent form that pushed the grouped regions usage. Thanks to your efforts, we have identified two small, but critical bugs in how we handle grouped regions. Specifically, these issues appeared as a result of you adding a region into a group used to identify the form, but not read its values. We have fixed this issue on our side. Since the beta program will have ended by the time the next release is pushed out, you may not see the fruit of your efforts in the form of a fixed release immediately; however, you can be assured that this issue you are facing has been captured, identified, and fixed.


            Thank you again for your investigation; it is greatly appreciated.