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    Presetting the WM Connection Settings on a MC65

    Daniel Teeters

      I was using this XML to preset the WM Connection settings on an MC65, but after upgrading to the latest OS.  3.44.0004 the cab file containing this information, is having problems installing.

      Does anyone have a better way to do this?




      <!-- Remove default proxy entry linking "My ISP" to "The
      Internet" -->

      <nocharacteristic type="HTTP-{ADB0B001-10B5-3F39-27C6-9742E785FCD4}" />              
      <!-- Create null proxy (i.e. direct link) between "My Work
      Network" and "The Internet" -->


      <parmname="Type" value="0"/>        
      <parm name="SrcId" value="{18AD9FBD-F716-ACB6-FD8A-1965DB95B814}"/>

      <parmname="DestId" value="{436EF144-B4FB-4863-A041-8F905A62C572}"/>

      <parmname="Proxy" value="new-inet:1159"/>         
      <parm name="Enable" value="1"/>