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    Does Rho::NativeMenuBar.extraButton work?

    Ruben Ruben



      I'm trying to customize the left native menubar button using Ruby in Windows Mobile. This is how I do it:


      Rho::NativeMenubar.extraButton =  {
      :label => "Extra!",
      :action => url_for(:action => :show_alert_1)


      I place this inside the controller, just before the render call, but it seems to have no effect. I've been able to use NativeMenubar.extraMenu to add options to this menu (having a menu opened when I click on the button), but it is kind of useless if I can't change the label from "back" to anything else.


      That I'm able to use NativeMenubar.extraMenu and not extraButton, makes me suspect there may be a bug in the implementation of extraButton.