Need TA input - Multi barcode + data formatting rules

DPX presently offers the support to decode multiple barcodes and output them to the application in a predefined order as a name-value pair.

As discussed in our weekly call, I was hoping to get more use-cases regarding scanning multiple barcodes and formatting the decoded data.


1. Picking barcode(s) :

Do you see customers picking the same barcode ex, a Part number or a serial number regardless of the label ?

Or do you see them all the barcodes from a label in which case, how would the application handle these varying number of decoded data returned to it ?

If there are 1D and 2D barcodes in the label, how would they want to handle it ?


2. Data formatting rules [prefix, suffix, ADF rules etc]:

Would you apply these rules to each barcode or a set of barcodes from a label - how do you see this being used ?


Presently, we're targeting including these rules in the Template Builder for each barcode field in a given template [much like the DataWedge rules]. One could add a prefix/suffix to each barcode field, massage the barcode data with the advanced data formatting rules etc. Do you see this being done for each barcode field or applicable to all the barcodes in the entire label ?



Hoping a discussion amongst all of us with actual use-cases would help clarify the above questions.