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    SB1 Scanning - Scans Lost

    Jive Administrator

      We are having a BIG problem with the SB1 and scanning.


      If I start my app in the cradle then remove it the scans go nowhere.


      We have tried to stop and start the scanner in code  - no luck.


      We have played with the cradle notification in the config.js file - no luck.


      We are using the asl.js library.


      Related to this is the scanner on time. the config file says 5000 (5 seconds) but it is on for 15 seconds. We have change the config settings and also tried setting it in code but no change.

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          Daniel Silva

          Can you attach your config.js and let us know what OS version you are using on your SB1? 

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              Daniel Silva

              Not sure how you are starting your app while in the cradle with the config.js you shared, unless maybe by rebooting in the cradle.  I am seeing the cradle URL showing up when I cradle the device, so I am not able to start an app in the cradle other than right after a boot in the cradle. If I disable the cradle URL, I think I can recreate what you are describing.  There is a similar sounding issue that has been listed as fixed in an upcoming OS release.  We are hoping that release will be available some time this month, but it is still in test, so hard to be sure.


              If I'm understanding the scanner question correctly, I think you want the scanner to only light up for 5 seconds if the user is holding the button.  You can do this in your app by setting the scanTimeout parameter before you enable the scanner. like this.


              scanner.scanTimeout = "5000";



              Rhomobile | Scanner Module

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              Venkatasubbaiah Chenna

              Hello Nick


              I have analysed and found that there is a timing issue on cradle remove event.. Cradle remove event is triggering after 25 - 30 sec and when we start scanning before 25/30 sec it scans and after this time scanner disabled. If you start after 30 sec it does not start scanning.


              There is no issue with your app. Fix will be provided in next OS release.If it is urgent you need to open a SPR we will provide a fix.