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    RhoElement Apps does not print on Zebra with APD

    Guillermo James

      Hi All


      Currently we have a Rho App which print over a bluetooth link in a GX420t using APD. Randomly sometimes the App can not print due to lack of connection with the printer. We know that since the printer has a display which shows whether you are connected or not. Our question is, is there any debugging tool from Zebra in order to know why the app is not connecting with the printer?



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          Robin West

          Hi Guillermo,

          If the connection to the printer is only not happening randomly, there is not much we can do on the printer to help debug.  The APD also obfuscates the connection so determining the issue from the device side is also not easy.  If you could give more details on how often and when, like just after power up, or something, the issue occurs, we might be able to point you in the right direction.  Also which version of Rho and what OS are you on?


          We do use Bluetooth sniffers (I.e. Protocol Analizers) on occasion to determine the cause of these types of issues.  They are third party hardware and software and they tend to be expensive.   Let me know if you want a recommendation and I’ll reply to you privately.  The other option is to open a support case with us and we may be able to do the analysis for you.