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    SB1 in kiosk mode

    Edwin Goh

      A partner is interested to keep his application in kiosk mode (lockdown mode) so that the users cannot close it. Is this possible?

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          Derek Warren

          There are a couple of ways to do this, but first might I ask how many applications the partner will be putting on the device?


          It might just be one application in the short term but down the road might the customer want to add more applications? The SB1 is pretty locked down as is but it should be possible if they really want it that way.

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              Edwin Goh

              If a user hits the HOME button, it brings him to the home screen which allows him to alter the settings or force close the application using the (X) next to the icon. The partner hopes to disable this functionality and also to auto start to their log in page.

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                  Daniel Silva

                  You need to be careful with something like this.  If you lock it down too well, you could cause real maintenance headaches later.  For instance, what happens if someone changes network AP settings and you need to change them on the device or scan some new configuration barcodes with the RD client?  If you want to block the user from changing the configuration, you can set up a pin in config.js.


                  config.adminPINrequire = true;

                  config.adminPIN = '668765';


                  There is currently not a supported way to set up an app so that it never exits, but it has been suggested to me that if someone wanted to keep their app running, they could listen for the OnKill or onclose event and use asl.run to start a new instance if they see that.  I have not tried this myself though.


                  As far as auto starting the log in page, they should be able to set it as the startup app in config.js.like this:

                  config.startUpApp = "MyApp";