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    Fail installing self-signed SSL with SOTI on TC55

    Stephane Aubet



      I'm trying to install a self-signed SSL certificate on a TC55 using SOTI.

      And using the browser this certificate is not reconnized.

      Is there documentation or specific process to install such certificate ?

      Here is the process I've followed:

      Thanks for any help.



      - Security lock is activated on the terminal.

      - certificate seems to be installed but have strange different display on Serial between status Pushed and Installed




      - But the  user certificate remains Empty on the terminal



      And using the browser I’ve a not-approved certificate error



        • Re: Fail installing self-signed SSL with SOTI on TC55
          Bjoern Pelzer

          I have no experience with SOTI, but Android in general is finicky regarding certificates. If a certificate does not match Android's requirements, it will still happily pretend to get installed, but then not show up in the certificate list, just like on your system. Apparently Android only works with certificates in X.509v3 DER format. While X.509v3 is common, tools like openssl tend to create files in PEM rather than DER format, so they have to be converted. See this link for some hints on how to do this:

          DAVdroid | irascible.net