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    RhoElements LockService Crash

      I'm running RhoElements 2.2.0113 on an MC40 (build number 90-4AJ11-J-0700-0009-V0-M1-121913) and I'm seeing a LockService crash.


      This happens when I login to MWM as an associate via RhoElements, close the app (i.e. put it in the background), open up another app, close that app, and then return to RhoElements.  I will sometimes see this message:


      “Unfortunately RhoElements has stopped.”


      If I look in the App Manager, the LockService service is no longer running (usually LockService and RhodesService are both running).  Force Stopping the RhoElements app and re-launching gets the LockService going again.


      In the detailed steps below I'm using the ED-SIP client as the app I'm switching to, but I've also seen this occur with the MC40StaticBarcodeDemo app as well.  That leads me to believe that it's something wrong with the way RhoElements handles coming back after being minimized/switched away from, rather than an interoperability issue with any one particular app.


      1)    Login to RhoElements (MWM) on an MC40 with a valid user (Associate)

      2)    Close the RhoElements app

      3)    From MWM, trigger a task to be sent to the user (may not be necessary)

      4)    Open ED-SIP client

      5)    Close ED-SIP client

      6)    Open RhoElements app


      Result: The user receives a message stating “Unfortunately RhoElements has stopped.” The user must then login to RhoElements again (the task is delivered successfully, however).