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    RhoElements: How to test connection at startup

    Sebastien Laporte


      I have seen that when we launch RhoElements for the first time, ( for example when power up a Mobile Device) ,

      Rhoelements launch my webpage but the Wireless conection is not completely up


      there is a way to avoid it?


      many thanks



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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Sebastien,

          Does it have something to do with on_start_up, or device_ready or app_ready events ?

          its possible to fix.

          please check docs/api.


          Visnupriya R

          Kutir Mobility

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            Pietro Francesco Maggi

            Hi Sebastien,

            one option is to have a local page that checks that the device has a good IP address before navigating to the remote page.


            You can have a similar problem during usage of an app on a remote website if you leave the device in stand-by and then try to fire it up and navigate immediately to a new link. on Windows Mobile/CE devices usually it takes some time to recover WiFi connectivity...


            In this second cases there're a couple of workarounds that involve using something like SymScript or using the defaultMetaTags option in the Config.xml of the Motorola Webkit rendering engine like the attached sample that at power on, wait for a valid IP and than navigate to the previous page.


            One downside:

            Because you're effectively navigating to a different page and than back to the latest shown before suspension, you are effectively reloading the page and any changes done to it (editing, selection, etc) is lost.


            Attached a video that shows this behaviour.