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    Play wav

    Alexey Mironov


      I have some problems with play wav sound file on MC65 Win Mobile.

      I use js:


      function alarm(){
          var snd = new Audio("/public/Error.wav");   snd.play();


      I got error message -


      "ARM11 fatal error qtvplayer.cpp line1087"


      My Error.wav playng goog on device media player...

      On MC3190 WIN CE so was work good.


      Can any body help me?

        • Re: Play wav
          David Miller

          On an MC55 I use:


          Ruby controller.rb....


          WebView.execute_js("playNotFoundBeep(); ")


          In my view.erb file....


          <script type="text/javascript">

               function playNotFoundBeep ()


                         generic.PlayWave('\\beep-10.wav', 1);   




          In this case the wav file is in the device root directory.  But you can put it in a certain directory if you wish.