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    RhoElements 4.0 Runtime for Android?

    Sebastien Laporte



      I am searching for the RhoElements Runtime 4.0 for Android device.


      For version 2.0 we had an apk and it was easy to use it as a browser and for demonstration

      For version 4.0 we have the runtime for CE and Windows Mobile device but nothing for Android


      I am not a developer and for customer I really need to have easy way to demonstrate RhoElements


      I have read that now for version 4 the runtime is not available.

      If I have understood I need now to use RhoStudio?  For launch a simple URL with some JS? 

      If It's alright where I can find a easy tutorial to do the same things as older version?

      and last question if the runtime is no longer available,  it's the same thing for the file config.xml?


      thanks for your help