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    Never get status "ok" when sync mode  with doSyncSource

    Sivakumar Vadivelu

      I created a sample rhodes and rhoconnect application using RMS 4.0.

      The Rhodes app has a model called "Contact" with sync enabled.


      Login callback was working fine with RhoConnect from Rhodes.


      Rho::RhoConnectClient.login("user", "pass",url_for( :action => :login_callback))

      In the login_callback above, I was calling the method "sync_contact"


      def sync_contact
            Rho::RhoConnectClient.doSyncSource("Contact", true, "")
           Rho::RhoConnectClient.setNotification("Contact", url_for(:action => :contact_callback))

      In the contact_callback, I get @params with status "in_progress". It never return status "ok". 

      I also attached the rholog.txt file for your reference.

      Please help me.

      Sivakumar V

      Kutir Mobility