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    Rhosimulator is very slow after upgrade to Mavericks

    Jared Thigpen

      So far two developers on our team (including myself) have taken the plunge and upgraded to Mavericks on our development machines. The upgrade has been largely smooth, with no issues around the typical problem areas, like building iOS against a new version of XCode.


      One major issue, though, is that for both of us, Rhosimulator has suddenly become an incredibly laggy application. At times it runs so slow that it's borderline useless, and 100% of the time the console log is significant delayed behind the action. Even expanding the console after initially launching the simulator is very delayed and the animation is very jittery and choppy.


      Is this an issue that anyone else has run into? We use Rhosimulator extensively on our projects as it is by far the most efficient way to assess and tweak our HTML and Javascript, and this is a major cause of concern for us.


      Any help on this issue would be appreciated.