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    SB1 freezes after charging and on Badge screen

    David Carew

      Just got 2 brand new units - No software installed and they both freeze after charging and require a reboot. They also freeze  if left on the Badge screen for several minutes. Badge screen will exit on push of Home button as expected but if left idle for a few minutes it doesn't respond to the home key again.  Happens without any apps installed on both devices or with sample apps installed. The following SW ais  on the units OS  OS Version 2.01.31 RhoElement version App Folder Version 31.3 SB1 Shell Version 2.7.3

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          Can you please provide more information on freeze

          e.g. as you said - home key does now work


          1. Insert device to charging cradle - does it show led blinking?

          2. Touch tap on device - do you hear a beep on response?

          3. how long would it take before you see it freezing?




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              David Carew

              It freezes after some period of inactivity and is totally non responsive (no beeps at all) - you can only reboot. If you wait for the badge screen to appear the home key will work within  the first few minutes . If you wait more than about 5 mins on the badge screen w/o touching it  it freezes. If you put it on the charger the same thing. Remove it  within a few minutes and it will be fine . Leave it for more than a few mins in the charger  and it is frozen,. Note that if you put it on the charger when it is frozen the lights don't blink . When it freezes on the charger the light contnues to  blink but you have to reboot to get it past the charging icon on the screen.


              The only difference between my devices and a new one was my wireless profile that I created with RDT to connect to my network.My setup is WPA-2 Personal with an AES Passphrase and 802.1d disabled. The network is accessible from both devices.


              Update: I created a new wireless  profile and changed the setting Battery Usage Mode from the default Fast  Power Save Mode  to Continuously Active Mode(CAM) and the freezing problem went away. Apparently whatever it's doing after a period of inactivity to shutdown the wireless is causing the freeze. The problem with this  workaround is that is seems to have adversely affected the battery life. Any ideas on how to keep it in Fast Power Save Mode and avoid the freeze ?