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    need help and advice for test with DPX v26

    Sebastien Laporte

      Hi all,

      I need to show a demo to a customer with their label

      I have installed last version of DPX ( v26)

      and I saw that my TC55 never recognize my label


      I don't know where is my mistake


      somebody can give me some help?


      many thanks



        • Re: need help and advice for test with DPX v26

          Hi Sebastien,


          Apologies about the delayed response. It seems as though you have quite a few regions marked as "Identify" in your template. I would try to reduce the number of these regions initially, leaving around 2-3 of them. These regions would ideally be close to the edge and diagonal from each other, but in the event that you are unable to find suitable regions, I would recommend trying different region combinations to see what works. If at this point you are still unable to get the form to work, I would reduce the number of regions down to 1 or 0, and try again, slowly working up the number of these "Identify" regions back up to 2-3.