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    Confusing documentation, etc.

    Jiri Sverak

      I still don't get it.


      I have RhoMobile application. If I want to sync with another REST API, I will use RhoConnect, which is only for 10 devices/customers. RhoConnect can be hosted only at RhoHub? I have a paid plan at another Hub, so I will not be using RhoHub, so my question is, is still RhoConnect only for 10 devices if I will not use Motorola servers? I am very confused because documentation of RhoStudio is piece of c....


      Another question, if I will use only RhoMobile application without RhoConnect, etc., is still free in production?

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          Mark Nongkhlaw

          Well if I understand correctly, Rhoconnect (whether at Rhohub or on premise) is free for 10 device connections. This is mostly for testing purposes. If you need to host a production server, you will need to purchase the licenses.


          As for your 2nd question, well, there are pay-before-you-use features in RhoElements. If you don't need or use these, then of course everything is free (except for  Apple dev licenses, Microsoft Dev Centre account payments etc.)


          Maybe Lars can clarify further.