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    Any Word on Rho 4.1?

    Brendan Higgins

      A while back (on the #Rho4Chat twitter hash) it was mentioned that Moto was aiming for 4.1 om January.  It was supposed to have a several JS fixes we are waiting for:


      1. Fixed Schema and find. https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/thread/4225
      2. Enabling full_update. https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/message/12456#12456
      3. SyncEngine on_sync_create_error, on_sync_update_error, on_sync_delete_error  missing. https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/thread/4415
      4. RhoConnect LDAP authenticate method always returns true for JS models



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               Thank you for your inquiry. I am talking with the "powers that be" on this and I'll let you know as soon as I get the details on this.

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              Some of above issues mentioned should be fixed in 4.1 release. At this moment master branch of Rhodes includes a new implementation of ORM API that might be used instead of old ORM. New ORM fixes issue #1, but for old ORM you can you the following workaround:

              1. Create dummy property bag model with the same name that used for fixed schema

                 var fsModelDef = function(model){


                    model.property("name", "string");




                 var pbDummyModel = function(model){




                2. Add this dummy property bag model before fixed one



                 var fsm =  Rho.ORM.addModel(fsModelDef);

                 // ...


                3. Create object(s) and find it by id


                var object = fsm.create({'name': 'Galaxy S4', 'brand': 'Samsung'});

                var found = fsm.find(object.object());



              Issue #2 is targeted to be fixed in 4.1


              I have no idea about issue #4. Can you elaborate it?

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                  Brendan Higgins

                  Thank you very much for the followup, it is much appreciated.


                  For #4, in our tests, no matter what we do (and we could very well be doing something incorrectly), we cannot get the login function to fail.  For instance, from my developer:




                      '/login', {


                      }, function(req, resp){

                    var login = req.params.login;

                    var password = req.params.password;


                    console.log("login Post");

                    console.log("login: " + login);

                    console.log("password: " + password);


                  Authenticate to LDAP here...




                    resp.send('false');  // force a failure



                  Rho App:

                  function readLogin(){

                      $.get("/public/templates/login.html", function(data){

                          var template = Handlebars.compile(data);



                          $("#loginButton").click(function() {

                              var userName = $("#loginForm").find("input[name=userName]").val();

                               var password = $("#loginForm").find("input[name=password]").val();

                               Rho.RhoConnectClient.login(userName, password, function(e){


                                   console.log('login Callback error_code=' + e.error_code);                


                                   if(e.error_code == "0") {



                                   else {








                  The response is ignored and the user is logged into the app.

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                I have asked about the release date and it seems that we are aiming for the end of March.

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