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    Android Datawedge and Broadcast Intents

    Kevin Robarge

      I have a customer that is using Broadcast intent with Datawedge in his application.  He has ran into a specific issue.  Please see below.


      Well, ran into a problem.  Discovered that a BroadcastReceiver is not allowed to do anything asynchronous such as a dialogue.  After I received a scan I often have to send the scanned data e.g. UPC to the server to look it up and sometimes have to show a dialogue (Activity) asking a question or showing an error.  I thought I'd be tricky and set a timer as I left the BroadcastReceiver and then catch it in my Activity, but as soon as I touch the UI e.g. set the EditText.Text it exits the timer code.


      So is there a way around this?

      Does the StartActivity/NewIntent get past this issue?