Is there way to intercept barcode data without manually configuring the DataWedge?

I am researching how to integrate our Android application (running on Android 4.0.3 and above) with the barcode scanning hardware for the MC40, and later the ET1. One of our requirements is the ability to intercept the barcode without it being entered into a field automatically. For this, I've been instructed to look at the DataWedge SDK. The problem I've encountered is that this solution seems to require the user to configure the DataWedge in order to setup an Output Intent. We want the ability to intercept the barcode without requiring the user to configure any settings on their device. One solution that would work is if there was a way to add a profile programmatically, but I was not able to find an ACTION in the DataWedge SDK that performs this task. Is there any work around for this? Or, is there any documentation available for interacting with the scanning hardware through the OS?


Thanks in advance.

Peter Arcuri
Below are some relevant links

Below are some relevant links that may assist with defining a strategy for your app.

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