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    MC65, speed issues in IE

    Øystein Stakvik



      I'm new in this line of work so please have mercy on me

      One of our customer has bought the MC65 terminal and have issues whit the speed in IE when using Dynamics Anywhere.

      I was thinking that PocketBrowser may be a solution but cant see to get the home page loaded when setting the start page.



              <Name value="Menu"/>

              <StartPage value="http://www.lexit.no"/>



      Do some one have an quick answer on what I'm doing wrong or maybe this program is not used this way.

      Is PocketBrowser the same solution as Intermec Browser for Intermec terminals?


      Best Regards

      Øystein Stakvik

      Lexit Norway

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          Peter Arcuri

          PocketBrowser is essentially a wrapper for PocketIE. PocketIE is the default browser in Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5. Therefore PocketBrowser wouldn't yield higher performance as you would running the PocketIE browser directly.


          I found that RhoElements, which is based on the WebKit rendering engine, performs much faster than the default PocketIE browser. Its referred to as RhoElements Shared Runtime and can be obtained from RhoMobile Suite. RhoMobile Suite is a free download with full features, but as PocketBrowser, a license is required in order to remove the nag-screen.


          You can read up and download RhoMobile suite from:


          RhoMobile Suite - Motorola Solutions USA

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              Øystein Stakvik

              Thank you for the information, I downloaded the RhoElements and simply added http:// site to <StartPage Value=>, seems to be working great.

              I've been looking in the documentation but cant seem to find how to configure the RhoElements to show status icons, exit, back and forward icons and popup keyboard.

              Do someone know how to configure this since this is the first time looking at RhoMobil Suite.



              Original IE Browser.



              RhoElements Browser.


              The customer project is simply to show an Dynamics site and be able to log in, scanning, move back and forward and for support be able to close the application, if availble lock most of it whit password,