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    Thread Queue Blocked for 4294967295 seconds.

    Daniel Silva

      HI all,


      Got this question recently from a customer, and I figured I would post this here, because I think it has come up before.    When looking through the logs, you will often see this text (with this exact huge number).

      Thread Queue Blocked for 4294967295 seconds.

      I did a little digging on this and it looks like what this is saying is that a thread is going into a blocked state (waiting for something to happen) and the huge number basically means infinite. There is a possibility of the thread waiting forever for something to happen (like this) or you might also see instances where a thread is going into a blocked state for 300 seconds (for instance) . That just means that if the something that it was waiting for doesn't happen in 300 seconds, it will time out the blocked state and do something.

      I think sometimes people see this in the log and think that something took a very long time to happen, or that there must be a bug because that number is so big, but this is not the case.


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          Jon Tara

          If you are seeing this at startup, it is normal. Ignore it.


          I'm sure there is some technical explanation, but I have *always* seen this, and recall there was some explanation from Motorola with advice to ignore. You might search the forum.


          If you are seeing it other than at startup, I might be concerned.


          I think it should actually be interpreted as "thread queue has been blocked", not "will be blocked". I don't see how it is possible to know how long the thread queue will be blocked. If you could do that, it could make you very, very wealthy.