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    SB1 Battery Life & WIFI Power Save Mode

    Jive Administrator

      We are having an issue with battery life on the SB1. Our test show a significant increase in battery life if the radio is off.


      Is the radio set to CAM (continuous aware mode)? If so how do I set it to Power Save Mode?


      We are not using the Push-to-Talk feature so CAM is not required for this project.

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          Khai-Van Phu



          Using "RDT Solo Utility" for SB1 running on a Windows computer, it is possible to setup SB1's Wi-Fi profiles.

          From there, you can select how the Fusion Wi-Fi card should be.


          • CAM
          • Fast Power Save Mode (Default)
          • Max Power Save Mode

          RDT Solo.PNG


          You should find links in other posts showing where to download "RDT Solo" & "Package Builder" for SB1.

          There are videos in other posts showing how to use these utilities as well.


          Let me know if you have questions.


          Khai-Van PHU