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    RhoGallery in RhoHub plans




      I have some general questions about RhoGallery.


      1. what is the difference between limited and unlimited RhoGallery access in the RhoHub plans?



      2. Where can I find the secutity options in RhoGallery (e.g. „device stolen“)?


      On http://www.motorolasolutions.com/US-EN/Business+Product+and+Services/Software+and+Applications/RhoMobile+Suite/RhoGaller… is written:

      RhoGallery Provides:

      • [...]
      • Security:
          Central user launching of exposed apps from "enterprise sandbox" on each device
          Deprovision ("wipe") of enterprise apps and data if device is stolen or user is terminated


      3. Is RhoGallery beta or final version right now?

      4. Is there a possibility to test the unlimited RhoGallery access for some days?


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          can some please provide some information? I need it urgent for a current project.

          I also wrote an e-mail via the button "Contact Sales" (see picture above) on February 10th, but noone answered.


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            Landon Essig

            RhoGallery has been in Beta for some time and so there was not a limit to what you could do with RhoGallery.  As RhoGallery becomes a "released" product and part of the RhoMobile Suite package, there will be a limit placed on number of invites a free account can send.  Paid accounts will be given access to use RhoGallery, but based on the plan (Silver or Gold) there will be a higher limit on the number of "invited users" and a limit on the number of text messages or emails that can be sent out.


            I hope that adds some clarity.  In short, the beta mode today does not have a limit as it is being used for testing.  If you are interested in testing our next generation RhoGallery release, please let me know and we can get you access to it.  I think you will like the new design and flow.

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                Mark Nongkhlaw

                I suppose these enhancements you're talking about are on the "server" side? What about the client app. Will there be any upgrades to that too? In fact, for a long time, my client is unusable. Other people have also reported similar problems. A search on Rhogallery on these forums will reveal them.


                One thing I wanted to know : Can Rhogallery provide features of an MDM, not just hosting apps and inviting users to those apps, but also gathering stats, controlling devices and even wiping devices?


                And yes, I'd like to test drive the latest Rhogallery. What do I need to do?