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    NAtive Tab bar on bottom for IOS

    Priya Saini



      I need to know whether this is feasible to have Native tabbar in bottom for both IOS and Android. I read its feasible for Android, what about IOS?


      I am using Rhomobile Suite 4 but Rhodes



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          Jon Tara

          There is a native tab bar extension in 3.5, and I use it. It works both on Android and iOS.


          Bear in mind, though, that it is a bit inflexible. It keeps a separate WebView for each tab. Now, that is nice in some cases. But in others, not. There is no logical reason to tie the concept of a tab bar to that of multiple WebViews.


          - one should be able to have a tab bar without multiple webviews

          - one should be able to have multiple web views without a tab bar


          That said, I don't think the tab bar brings much value unless you need the multiple web views. HTML tab bars work just fine.