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    Problem with printing zebra extension with Rhostudio 4.1

    Dave van der Veen

      I have a problem calling the Rho::PrinterZebra api.


      Actions taken:


      Installed 4.1 beta 28 of rhostudio.

      Made sure my existing application builds with 4.1 beta 28 and runs on android device

      Added extension printing_zebra to build.yml as explained here.

      Implemented a method which calls Rho::PrinterZebra.searchPrinters

      Build the application again and deployed it to an android device. The build log shows printing_zebra is compiled correctly.

      After application start I tested the call to Rho::PrinterZebra.searchPrinters but the log gives the following errors:

      03-04 11:50:18.112: I/APP(3069): I 03/04/2014 11:50:18:122 00000c16 APP| const_missing: PrinterZebra

      03-04 11:50:18.122: I/APP(3069): NameError: uninitialized constant Rho::PrinterZebra

      03-04 11:50:18.212: I/APP(3069): I 03/04/2014 11:50:18:228 00000c16 APP| App error: uninitialized constant Rho::PrinterZebra


      I already tried to add the require ‘printing_zebra’  but that’s not working.

      Do I miss something?