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    Upload Images using FTP


      Hello, I want to upload our images from mobile to our server, i used the HTTP to upload our images but now i want to change the upload way to FTP. this is my code: def upload_image     @image = Image.find(@params['id'])     realpath = Rho::RhoApplication::get_blob_path(@image.image_uri)     Rho::AsyncHttp.upload_file(       :url => "http://IP/APPNAME/Upload.ashx",       :filename => realpath,       :body => "customerid=#{@params["customerid"]}&userid=#{@params["userid"]}&assetnbr=#{Rho::RhoSupport.url_encode(@params["assetnbr"])}&cnxn=#{@params["cnxn"]}&isPrimary=#{@params["isPrimary"]}&fromForm=#{@params["fromForm"]}",       :callback => (url_for :action => :http_callback),       :callback_param => "image_uri=#{@image.image_uri}"     )   end how can i change it to FTP Upload ? Sincerely,