MC67 communicating with Arduino via bluetooth

I have been following the help file to work with the WPAN class to produce a program on my MC67 that will pair and exchange data with an Arduino based microcontroller. The sample app that comes with EMDK doesn't work reliably and is always giving me index out of range errors. While it can discover my Arduino, it can't seem to pair with it. Instead of discovering devices, I am trying to create a custom remote device. I need to use the SPP protocol and I am using the Microsoft stack. Part of my code looks something like this;


            m_Bluetooth = new Bluetooth();





            rd = new RemoteDevice("", "221302261057", "");


            rd.LocalComPort = 5;



Question: Do I need to specify Name and Service Name in the constructor. I can get the name, but I don't know what I would use for the Service Name