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    Playing a sound on an MC40 using Rho 4.0

    Remco van 't Land

      Dear guru's,


      We have a client using our software (webapplication) through Rho to scan articles and create orders. They asked us to change the scanner so it doesn't beep on reading a barcode, but once it's processed.


      The first part (removing the sound and vibrate) was easy enough:

      Rho.Barcode.decodeSound = 'file://sdcard/nosound.wav'; (this is a wav with basically no sound in it)

      Rho.Barcode.hapticFeedback = false;


      However, what I expected to be the easy part, doesn't seem to work.


      I've been trying all sorts of things to make the Motorola MC40 play a soundfile, but to no avail. I've read up on other posts about notification and the generic playWave methods, but even those give no sound (or errors). Do I have to turn sound on in same way prior to playing any kind of soundfile? I'm at a loss how to proceed from here, everything I tried gave no sound.


      If anybody could point me along, that'd be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance!